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I stayed in the ibis hotel last night purely because I had heard good reviews and was told it had a car park only to my horror when I was leaving this morning I had to pay £20 for the car park space which I am disgusted by. I assumed the car park would of been free or at least under £10 due to being the hotels car park. I would like someone to contact me ASAP regarding this matter.

Thank you.

Royal Mail dismissive rude incompetent and bordering on criminal.

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KF548726087GB 1st class x-mas card to be signed for. Posted 18/12/13 and gone missing with grand children's present money £80 Sent from post office at26 Duart Crescent, Edinburgh, EH4 7JP to BR1 5BY.

Rang customer services at my expense, not willing to take a name or contact number, very matter of fact that it was probably lost. Told me to go to the post office for a P58 claim form. Filled in online claim P58_416888079500 on 06/01/14.

The small print says that there is no compensation!

My family have lost 4 parcels over the last 2 years to this address in Bromley just down the road from their Head Office. They clearly have a theft problem and senior management are not likely to get off their posteriors and investigate the thieves they clearly have amongst their employees.

I for one will never use the Royal Mail again and have had 100% success from Mail Boxes Etc at 196 Rose Street, Edinburgh, they also have outlets in Morningside and South Bridge in the city. Everything I have ever sent from there gets to where its going.

The Royal Mail make their own rules and think they are above the law. On previous occasions my mum and sister and I did nothing about it and put it down to experience. It is our hard earned money they have stolen and presents for children so be warned the Royal Mail is not dependable and do expect to lose your item anytime soon.

Happy New Year to everyone else.

David WardEdinburghEH7 4LN

Monetary Loss: $80.

  • Royal Mail Theft

Royal mail:appalling customer service!

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05/07/2012 10.19am :delivery Office 94 Bromley Rd London UK

Rang them in regards to a missing item that hadn't been delivered after having returned from delivery office.I asked them to check if they had received it.The woman was rude and dismissive unwilling to help,it seemed like too much effort for her.

.Then she just put the phone down on me,and the phone number has been engaged ever since!.Why wont people just do their jobs that's what they get paid for.Is this how you treat your customers Royal Mail?,like they don't matter.



The British Empire was always proud of, and beholden to, the wonder of the world---The Royal Mail. No longer.

England gave up it's empire, went bankrupt during WWII, and then socialized everything. Kaput. Too bad. And, there is absolutely nothing you can do about the Royal Mail, is there?

They could care less.

Sorry for you Brits. But, that's the way it is.

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